November: Dia De Los Muertos and more…

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Nov. 2—Dia De Los Muertos

El Mariachi LocoFrom October 28th through November 2nd, Chef Thomas will be cooking up killer specials, like our famous Bone Luge, Chili Rellenos, Oyster Shooters, Shrimp & Scallop Tamales, Enchilladas, House-smoked Turkey with Mole, Churros, Pan de Muerto and more! (*** Availability of items will vary daily)

Culinary History of the South American Stir Fry


One dish that best represents Peru is the “Lomo Saltado”.  Translated, it literally means “jumping meat” which comes from the cooking method of using a very hot wok.  The dish is composed of thinly sliced beef, which is marinated in soy sauce, vinegar, and garlic.  It is sautéed with chilies, tomatoes, onions and parsley; then traditionally served with white rice and French fries or Peruvian fried potatoes.   (At CACTUS, we serve ours with crispy fingerling potatoes and quinoa!)  Now you might be asking, why would a South American country be cooking their national dish in a Chinese style wok and using soy sauce, and rice?  This sounds more like a stir fry, right?  This Chinese-Peruvian cuisine is called “chifa”, which simply means “to eat” in Mandarin.

Similar to the United States, South America is a melting pot of different cultures.  In the early 19th century, at the same time that California was seeing a Chinese workforce arrive for railroad construction and gold prospecting, Peru also saw an influx of these same migrant workers for commercial agriculture.  Over time, the laborers’ culture blended with the local culture bringing about “criollo” or creole culture.   The “Lomo Saltado” is a result of the criollo culture, blending Chinese techniques and Peruvian flavors.

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The Holidays Are Coming!  The Holidays Are Coming!

The holidays are fast approaching and we’re ready to be there for you! If you haven’t started planning your office party or family gathering, give us a call. We can have dinner ready for you to pick up; or if you’d prefer to not do the dishes, we can host your party here at CACTUS!

Give us a call for catering pick-ups or party planning and reservations. Don’t forget, if you need any gift ideas, CACTUS gift cards are available for purchase.