Upcoming events for July/August

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National Tequila Day!

Start your week off right and celebrate National Tequila Day this Monday, July 24th! We have a selection of over 60 tequilas, mezcals, and special blends to choose from! We’ll have $1.00 off all Tequila drinks!  For details on our daily specials, visit our Facebook and Twitter pages!

Concert Under the Stars!

If you missed us at the June concert, we’ll be returning to the Waikiki Aquarium on Thursday, August 10th, for Ke Kani O Ka Kai concert. You’ll see performances by Josh Tatofi, Alx Kawakami, and Blayne Asing and enjoy some ono grinds from Cactus!  For more details and tickets, visit the Aquarium’s website.

Brazilian Feijoada…a little culinary history!

The name of this Brazilian dish comes from the Portuguese word “feijao,” meaning “bean.” Essentially it’s a black bean stew with pork, similar to a cassoulet. When the Portuguese arrived in South America and Brazil, white beans to make traditional european-style dishes were not available; so recipes were adapted to use the local black beans, one of Brazil’s main crops. It is usually eaten as a hearty lunch and is particularly popular during Carnival before the fast during Lent. At Cactus, we serve ours “con arroz,” with rice!