Honolulu Magazine reviews CACTUS Breakfast

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Brunch at Cactus So what about a breakfast place that’s a fair distance taste-wise from the usual Kailua spots, but still happens to be in Kailua? We say: One more reason to stay Kailua Town. At Cactus Bistro, the little Latin fusion joint that surprised everyone… Read the full article.

Partner Schools Celebrate with ‘ĀINA Family Night Food and Fun!

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‘ĀINA Schools Kainalu and Sunset Beach Elementary hosted ‘ĀINA Family Nights with eat local and waste-free themes. Attendees at Sunset’s event enjoyed tasty eats from local farmers and food trucks including: Beet Box Cafe, Divine Living, Hawaii SEED, Hawai’i’s Special, Mohala Farm, Kai’s Monster Threads, Lani Love Gluten-Free Breads, Monster Pop, Sandy’s Sandwiches, Shaka Ono Hawaiʻi, The Galley,Uncles North Shore …

Review: Honolulu Weekly

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Leaving the Food Desert Cactus as Oasis An Oahu restaurant offering a pan-Latin American menu is novel enough. But add influences of Hawaii Regional Cuisine and an emphasis on fresh, local and sustainable ingredients whenever possible–and there’s a formula for what seems will be a winner. Read the full article…

Review: Honolulu Star-Advertiser

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Latin flavors Cactus brings a sense of adventure to a colorful cuisine In the year of the dragon, chefs are on fire. After so many years of lamenting the lack of culinary diversity here, we’ve seen the arrival of Jamaican jerk at Jawaiian Irie Jerk in Kaimuki, Brazilian and Portuguese fare at Adega downtown, and now Latin American fare at …